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Sites in Gardiner, Maine
Associated with Edwin Arlington Robinson
by Danny Smith, Chairman, Special Collections Committee, Gardiner Library Association

A constant stream of visitors to Gardiner, Maine, inquire at the Gardiner Public Library about the places in the city associated with Edwin Arlington Robinson. Accordingly, the purpose of this tour guide is to give basic information about the poet Robinson and the principal places in this community where such visitors can glimpse the Tilbury Town of Robinson’s life and poetry.

A sense of Gardiner’s community history is instilled throughout the Robinson biography, not only by the writings of the early years of the poet’s life, but in his later works. Gardiner never left the poet as witness the Tilbury Town characters that appeared throughout the twenty-eight volumes of Robinson’s poetry.

Danny D. Smith
Chairman, Special Collections Committee
Gardiner Library Association

Selected Works
Aunt Imogen
How Annandale Went Out
The Clerks
Siege Perilous
George Crabbe
The Voice of Age
Children of the Night
New England
The House on the Hill
Pasa Thalassa Thalassa
Luke Havergal
The World
Ballade of Broken Flutes
Dear Friends
The Long Race
On the Night of a Friend's Wedding
The Torrent
Richard Cory

Potrait by Richard (Thomas) Hood

A Virtual Tour of Robinson's Gardiner, Maine

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