Copyright Notices

© 2006 by Danny D. Smith: "Edwin Arlington Robinson: An American Poet (1869-1935), A Virtual Tour of Robinson's Gardiner, Maine." This text includes Introduction, Biography of Edwin Arlington Robinson, Robinson in the Context of the History of Gardiner, Maine, Bibliography of Publications by and about Edwin Arlington Robinson, Sites in Gardiner, Maine Associated with Edwin Arlington Robinson (twenty-four sections), My Tilbury Town and James S. Barstow, and Lilla Cabot Perry and the Portrait of Edwin Arlington Robinson, and the photograph of Lizzie Austin.
© 2006 by Jerome Maschino: Eighteen header photographs for Sites in Gardiner, Maine, Associated with Edwin Arlington Robinson (Sites 3, 6-19, 22-24). Also photograph of the South Face of the Cemetery Monument in Site 13.
© 2006 by the Estate of Edwin Arlington Robinson twenty-four poems that appear in Sites in Gardiner, Maine, Associated with Edwin Arlington Robinson. Grateful acknowledgment is here expressed to David S. Nivison, Ph.D., representative of the estate and grandnephew of Edwin Arlington Robinson.
© 2006 by the Gardiner Library Association historical images: "Principal Personages" in the Biography, Daughters of Herman and Members of Quadruped Club in Site 1, Emma Robinson in Site 4, Group Portrait and Portrait of Laura E. Richards in Site 7, Text of Rosalind Richards' Interview in Site 8, High School Diploma and Graduation Photograph in Site 9, Two nineteenth-century images of the Robinson House in Site 11, Photograph of Dr. Schumann in Site 15, Photograph of Kate Vannah in Site 17, Two group portraits and image of monument within text in site 17, Photographs of Herman and Emma Robinson in Site 24, and annotated draft from Laura E. Richards' account of Tilbury (Yellow House Papers).

© 2006 Special Collections, Miller Library, Colby College: Portrait of Edwin Arlington Robinson by Lilla Cabot Perry and portrait of Captain Israel Jordan.

© 2006 Danny D. Smith and Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.: captions and other text that previously appeared in Gardiner on the Kennebec (1996).

©2006 Gardiner Public Library: Header photograph in Site 5.

©2006 Dorothy Washburne: Header photographs for Sites in Gardiner, Maine,
Associated with Edwin Arlington Robinson (Sites 1, 2, 4, 20)

©2006 Studio MN: Header photograph for Visitor Information Page,
Associated with Edwin Arlington Robinson.

Other images in the public domain have been supplied by the Maine Historic Preservation Commission.